A.R.D. Muzammil

Diplama in International Relation Bandaranayake international Study Center

 Since deprivation of Palestine state, in 1948 Israel was created by so-called the cause of champion of human rights America and savior of the Democracy Britain in Palestine soil that time it was an illegal state declare by united nation human right chart. When Palestinian became a Zionist state in Middle East soil. No Arab countries could prevent. At the same time why most of the Arab countries didn't drop been created Zionist state in middle east soil. When human right chart was established in UNO in favor if Israel Humanitarian democratic state didn't oppose and behalf if the Palestine people. The human right chart also was done an injustice against the Palestinian people their basic mother land also deprive about Palestinian people. In 214 century no one has talked or either anyone didn't support for their just cause of the oppress the Palestinian peopie in this era. This problem has become international political scenario. Saudi king Salman has also recognized Israel state in the Middle burning question an East apart from Turk and Iran, Qatar most of the Arab countries having been associated at the Israel state they don't take proper concern of Palestinian. Zionism is a political organization created by Theodore Herzel, a Jew who lived in 1897. Belfour Declaration was the 14 step expel most of the Palestinian from their motherland. After been defeated Hitler Nazism super power worked considered of Jews rights but they didn't consider of Palestine fundamental freedom human rights. Even though jaw's have got human rights western imperialist have failed to respect Palestinian fundamental freedom. Why did super powers show their discrimination against the Palestinian people. When I was writing this essay Israel has assaulted air strike on the Gaza strips. Day by day Palestinian peoples have been killing. Innocent children died. Most of the people have been tortured. At the same time international Humanitarian law has become question mark in the Palestinian issue. When Palestinian people performed their prayers in Masjid Al Aqsa brutality Israel has strip over the Gaza zone. Human rights Article 01 state that All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. So, condemned by the democratic countries towards the Palestinian people. So, we pray for the Palestinian people let us to be associated with the Palestine people to liberate Palestinian soils as far as possible in the 21 century. Indian freedom fight a Mahath Mahanadi has said: "We can't let down Palestinian people when Jew state was initiated in the middle east soil other hand Palestinian state should be established as it was in 1948. Therefore I must state British imperialist were dane an injustice against the Palestinian people. So we can't justify Jew's state existing in the Palestinian soil"

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