Rishad dares Wimal to quit politics, Parliament

The Leader of ACMC issued an open challenge to an opposition MP who falsely accused him of being related by his family to a woman suicide bomber identified in April 21 Easter Sunday bombings. ACMC Leader Rishad Bathiudeen MP, addressing the Parliament on 21 June challenged Wimal Weeraansa MP to quit Parliament if he would not prove this ‘filthy accusation.’
“I believe that truth will finally prevail” said ACMC Leader Rishad Bathiudeen MP addressing the Parliament, under ‘Private Member Explanations No 7’ on June 21. Previously, addressing the Parliament on 18 June, Bathiudeen MP called Wimal Weerawansa MP’s bluff on his allegations linking Bathiudeen MP’s family to Fathima Ilham, identified as the Dematagoda woman suicide bomber in Easter Sunday Terror Attacks. Bathiudeen MP also strongly voiced that Weerawansa MP was sowing ethnic hatred in the country by making such false claims not just in recent times but ‘over a period of time.’
 “MPs of the Parliament are free to express their opinions when addressing the House. However, expressing opinions aimed at assassination of a character of an MP, and rousing inter-ethnic animosity and hatred are an insult to the prestige of this august House” said Bathiudeen MP in Parliament and added: “On June 18, Hon Wimal Weerawansa MP stated in this House that the Dematagoda woman suicide bomber of Easter Sunday Terror Attacks was a “daughter of a brother of my mother.” By making this statement, he aimed at assassinating my character by linking me to this terrorism. He had made this false and fabricated allegation when he addressed the Parliament. I again, and with responsibility, strongly reiterate that his accusation against me was totally false. With responsibility, I also inform the Parliament that my mother never had any brothers. Also I openly challenge Weerawansa MP to prove this accusation. I announce today that if Weerawansa MP proves this accusation, I am ready to quit Parliament and Politics. On the other hand, I wish to know whether if Weerawansa MP is ready to quit politics if he cannot to prove his own accusation. I thoroughly deplore this filthy statement by him, made against Muslim people and me, and thereby his attempt to create communal disharmony. The responsibility of a politician is not to amass a voter base for him on the strength of ethnic divisions and animosity by his hate speech. At a time like this, a patriotic politician’s main activity should be to make statements that promote unity and reconciliation among various ethnicities in the country. I am a father of three children. I have a family, and also a political party which commands a large number of supporters. Such fabricated accusations leading to hatred and anger, results in damaging all the people concerned. My only responsibility is to serve the people, promote reconciliation and help them to live freely. We never helped terrorism. What we seek is to live in unity and reconciliation in this small country. Lastly as per the teachings of all faiths, I believe that truth will finally prevail.”

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