everybody should try to reject the 19th Amendment Act completely

The Muslim Ulama  Party  completely eliminate the 19th amendment which is remove  some of the president's powers.
The leader of Muslim Ulama  party, mubaraka Abdul Majid said,
When the 19th Amendment was brought to Parliament  the Ulama  Party opposed it. For the sake of the people, we are saying that the president who is elected by the executive power is better than the parliamentary power.

This country was under parliamentary authority since independence of Sri Lanka. This led to the creation of communalism and languageism in order to secure parliamentary powers. The Sinhala Standing Act was brought by parliamentary authority. The rights of Tamils ​​were seized by parliamentary authority. By the parliamentary power, the Agri lands of Muslims in the East were enlisted by the state.

Muslims were shot in Puttalam mosque under parliamentary authority.

 Prabhakaran started firing  in the face of such parliamentary power and JVP also took the gun.

All these races, religious and social prejudices have been initiated only when the Parliament was in power and not during  the executive power system.

It is because of the Executive Authority that was brought up by JR   the provincial council system introduced  which is a small solution to the Tamil people. We must understand the fact that if the Parliament had power without  execute president power without in that environment, the provision of provincial councils would not have been fulfilled by majority parliament.

With the power of the executive  power, the former SLMC  leader Ashraf  achieved a 5 percent cut out. That is why the  JOB  members are  in today's parliament.

Because of executive  power the Muslim Ulama party made an agreement  with Mahinda Rajapaksha  during tge president election  in 2005 the Moulavi teaching was given after 17 years. It was done  due to the executive presidency.  After the 19th amendment no singlavi moulavi appointed in government school. If there been no executive power, the war would not have ended.

Similarly, in 2001, the United National Party negotiated with the Tigers and tried to merge the North and East together to secure the temporary regional rule to the Tigers were executed by the executive power of the country,  Chandrika Bandaranayake  and the country was rescued.

Similarly, President Mairhripala Sirisena has dissolved the parliament and the country has been safe. Whether or not, Ranil Wickremesinghe and his MPs will merge  the North East and let the Eastern Muslims a permanent slave to TNA. We proud of  President Maithri to use executive power in this subject.  The Muslim parties and Muslims will take many more years to understand these things.

So, today's 19th amendment will help some members of the parliament and some of the Tamil Diaspora only not to the people of the country. Therefore everybody should try to reject the 19th Amendment Act completely.
Mubarak Abdul Majeed moulavi
Leader Muslim ulama party


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