Rauff Hakeem calls for ending erection of Lord Buddah's statues in Muslim areas.

Rauff Hakeem calls for ending erection of Lord Buddah's statues in Muslim areas.
Minister of Water supply and the leader of SLMC publicly called for an end to the erection of Buddah statutes in Muslim predominant areas at a meeting held in 'Central Camp' located in the Amparai district where  statue of Lord Buddah was erected on top of a rock called Mayakkalli in the recent past.

Muslims in Amparai district are dissatisfied over this issue and blamed SLMC leadership for being inactive and salient.

Smelling a grave defect in the vote bank, Hakeem is adopting  damage controlling measures by publicly  displaying his objection over this sensitive issue.

Hakeem's  usual pledges of national list promises has lost all its credibility and is he now  trying to capitalise sensible issues of erection of Lord Buddha statues and land releasing.
Waffa Farook , an open critic of Hakeem further said this is how the religion and regionalisms are ignited by politician for ulterior thirst of power.
 He also blamed Hakeem for calling the monks 'Kaavi terrorist' during last election and later tentered apology to BBS.

Hakeem is the main man who ignite the racial feeling to gain political power,Mr.Farook said.

Erection of Buddha statue is a past event of which Hakeem spoke nothing but saying the 'Muslims will not worship statues' is now talking of expanding Sinhalese borders in to Muslims areas by erecting Lord Buddah's statues  is simply to raise the feeling of Muslims to harvest the innocent votes of Amparai district Muslims.
Charged Waffa Farook, the man who demands Hakeem to get out of SLMC of which he was the general treasurer during the first general election in 1989 SLMC contested under the leadership of MHM Ashroff.

Mr.Farook also accused Mr.Hakeem of being guilty of instigating a suicide of Sinhalese lady disappointing  her with  false promise of marriage and said the community as a whole will be compelled to commit suicide if he continue to be the leader of SLMC.

Mr. Farook stressed that Hakeem should be defeated at any cost for the sake of future generation.


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