பொதுபல சேனா சம்பந்தமாக அமைச்சர் றிஷாத் ஜனாதிபதிக்கு அனுப்பிய கடிதம்


Your Excellency Maithripala Sirisena                                                                             The President of the Democratic Socialist republic of Sri Lanka,                                        President Secretariat,

Your Excellency,
The Provocative, Sacrilegious and anti-Muslim Speech by Ven: Gnanasara Thero
 We are addressing this peace of  communication with a sense of urgency and heart felt grievances emanating from the anti-Muslim hate speech delivered by Ven.Gnanasara thero on 21st instant at Mahiyangana. In 249 AD King Sirisangabo sacrificed his head at Attanagalla in order to bring peace to the Country. As the President of the Good governance (Yahapalana) you are not expected to sacrifice your head to maintain peace and tranquility in the Country but to take stern bold and effective action to eliminate the germs of communalism and hate rousing speeches that erode in to the stability and prosperity of Mother Lanka, where the justice must rule Supreme.
As you are well aware that the extremist Bodubalasena’s activities against the Muslim community is a major BLACK MARK on the Yahapalana government which has promised to hail peace and reconciliation to the country.
The Muslim community which has whole heartedly supported your Presidency with a fervent expectation of finding a violence-less, hate-free country where all communities could leave in peace. It is disheartening to note that the evil remnant of the previous government is raising its ugly heads in a virulent form. Undoubtedly Gnanasara’s deliberate speech is not a freedom of expression but it is a clearly designed pre-planned, pre-meditated, malicious incitement against the Muslim community and a challenge to the rule of Law and the Law enforcement authorities.
The Muslim community of Sri Lanka has a history of nearly 1000 years. The Arab was here before the birth of Prophet Mohammed as traders. They were here under the name of Spanishian . Before the Greek Roman and Spanishian step in to our hemisphere. 330 BC nearest the Navy commander of Alexander the Great is reported to have seen Arab traders along Multan and Malabar of Indian peninsula witch could suggest the Arabs have visited Sri Lanka.
Our comity was known as Seylan and Serendib entirely because of the arrival of the Arabs even the name the Rathnadeepa (Land of Rubies) was bestowed by the Arabs. According to the mahawansa during the period of king Pandukabhaya (377-307 BC) there was a group of people (Yona’s) live in Anuradhapura. The word yona’s probably denoted to yonaka who are Muslims. The 12th centuries (1154 AD) historian IDHRIS who visited Adams Peek had mention in his book there were for Muslims in the Cabinet of the king which consisted of 16th members. The 15 century Sinhala apices Kokila Sandeshaya, Gira Sandeshaya speak of (Yonliya) Muslim women who lived in Mahaweligama.the Arabian grim voyager Ibanubathutha who visited Adams peek in 345 BC had mentioned that there were Muslim settlements in the surrounding aria of Adams peek.
Your Excellency, with the advent of Islam propagated by the Prophet Mohammed in the 6th century the Arab traders entered Sri Lanka has Muslim traders were unaccompanied with female they were made to marry get into the wedlock with Sinhalese women. The percent Muslim population are the dissented of those wedlock there for the Muslims are the sons of the soil who can easily clamed maternal right.

The Western Colonial forces entered in to Sri Lanka as aggresses in 1505 the portages came to Sri Lanka by ships loaded with ammunitions and firing arms.In 1656th orders came to Sri Lanka by ship loaded with guns and cannons in 1976 the
British in worded Sri Lanka with Youth army accompany with it is evident that while the European came to Sri Lanka as address and inverters the Muslims came to Sri Lanka has peaceful settlement devoid of any weaponry    which demonstrate that they did not have any intention of aggressing Sri Lanka. When the European’s ships were loaded with weapons and ammunition the ships of Muslim were fill with food stuff and clothing’s which a basic need of people.            
   Throughout the history, beginning from the Sinhalese Kings, the Muslims have been patriotic and loyal to the prevalent governing authorities. Never in the history of Sri Lanka a single occasion was given where the Muslim community has never ever became rebellious again the state.
A Peace Loving, cordially and friendly mingling and interacting Muslim community had a biter shock and dismay when they were subjected to the Aluthgama mayhem and atrocities took place in 2014. It is perturbing and shocking when Gnanasara thero has threaten to reenact “the phase two of Aluthgama” where his fascist intent has clearly manifested. This factor alone demands his arrest. The Muslim community demands the security of justice from your Excellency. We are anxiously awaiting your urgent action to curtail, eliminate and eradicate the fascist trend and communal violence, and fervently hope that the culprits will be brought to the book and the peace will prevail forever.
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
Rishad Badhiudeen (M.P)
Minister of Industry and Commerce

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