“Garbage collected in flood affected areas will totally be removed within the week” - Minister Faiszer Musthapha

Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government inaugurated removing garbage in flood affected areas today morning. An operating Centre was established in T. B. Ilangarathna Stadium, Angoda. The government has allocated 18 million rupees for removal of garbage.
About 500 officers from Army, Police, Civil Security Department, and from Local Authorities have been attached in this task. Hundreds of vehicles like J.C.B., Tippers, Tractors, Garbage collecting machines, and vehicles to maintain power cuts were used in this process.
Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faiszer Musthapha discussed with relevant officers about clearing out the garbage dumps today morning when he was at T. B. Ilangarathna Stadium. Minister Musthapha stated that the Ministry hopes to remove collected garbage in Colombo totally within two days.

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