Clearance of garbage that had been accumulated due to floods is now concluded.

About 6000 tons of garbage that had collected due to the recent floods, has been removedwithin the past 09 daysunder an accelerated programme initiated under the guidance of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government. The target was to remove garbage immediately and the process continued even after midnight. Collected garbage was temporally dumped at the Kolonnawadumping site.
According to the information gathered by Local Authorities, areas with accumulated garbage were mapped and thegarbage was removed in stages. For this process an operation centerwas established by the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Governmentat T. B. Ilangarathna Stadium, Angoda. Engineer Mr. AthulaIlangasinghe, the Director of the Solid Waste Management Centre of the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government says that the process was delayed due to the heavy rain and the traffic that occurred.
This programme was coordinated by the Sri Lanka Police and the Tri Forces of Sri Lanka. Over 500 officers from Tri forces of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Police, the Civil Defense Department, and Local Government Institutions engaged in removing garbage collected in KolonnawaUrban Council and KotikawattaMulleriyaPradeshiya Sabha area. Garbage in Kolonnawa, Meethotamulla, Kotikawatta, Mulleriyawa, Angoda, Gothatuwa, Buthgamuwa, Sedawatta, Kohilawatta, Kotapola, Kittampahuwa, Kelanimulla, Ambathaleparana para, Nagahapola, Kotikawatta road and Wellampitiya has been removed by now. Hundreds of vehicles such as J.C.B., Tippers, Tractors, and Garbage collecting machines were used in this process.
The process was monitored by the Hon. Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government FaiszerMusthpha. The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government requests the public not to dump garbage in cleaned areas and to coordinate with relevant Local Authorities to continue the daily process of removing garbage from households.

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