Allocation of Varnam Tv Ramazan Ifthar programme not suitable - Al Haj M.B.Hussain Farook

Allocation of Varnam Tv Ramazan Ifthar programme not suitable Ramazan events on 14th June 2016. I wish to inform this programme given publicity for a business person about flat relief activities not ramazan fast or ifthar events highlighted.

He mention his the president 24 mosque federation but it’s a faults information given by him. Munawar was damaged SLBC Muslim programme by given reference to business group by selling Muslim programme air time under business group control which has created friction among Muslim religious group. Tabliq, Thawheed Jamath, Ahlul Sunnah etc… when I was at SLBC news division incharge provincial Tamil Muslim News and news reel created cadre  to record events of our programme O/A Munawwar was interview he fails interview his broadcasting knowledge tested his not fit for broadcast activity he go behind several politician due to the pressure of politician under my recommendation he was appointed relief O/A after six month.

When he was assign relief O/A duty he mess-up SLBC recording events fixing wrong tape several location. When I was at ITN I understand Munawwar was appointed acting director Muslim Programme by Hutsan Samarasinghe chairman of SLBC and both have created bribery and corruption SLBC Tamil Muslim Programme which is struggling now at SLBC.

Our group of monitoring Muslim Ifthar programme monitored Shakthi, Vasantham, Eye Channel and Varnam Tv I regret to inform you Varnam Tv Ifthar Programme 4th in the list which not inpact for month of Ramazan.

I respect Varnam Tv and have regard to your channel has such I forward my views to your action. To wipe out in efficient persons handling Varnam Tv programme to run down your channel reputation. For you information please. 

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,

Al Haj M.B.Hussain Farook

Cc to : Chief Executive Officer Varnam Tv
Please Note: This letter will be send all parliamentarian after your action.

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