The meeting between coordinators of HWPL and Mubarak Moulavi

The  meeting between coordinators of Heavenly culture, world Peace Restoration of Light  based in Korea  and Sri Lanka Muslim Ulama Moulavi Mubarak Abdul Majeed was held today evening at Liberty Plaza, Colombo.  The meeting was successful in discussing for the activities for world peace and to Enact an international law for the Cessation of war.

Moulavi Mubarak has promised that the Sri Lankan peoples will support to of Heavenly culture, world peace to achieve its aim for peace of world.

The international meeting of  HWPL  (Heavenly culture, world peace Restoration of Light)  which was expected in 24th of May was postponed to June according to  Mubarak Moulavi  suggestion.

In photo Mr. Enid Choi HWPL program coordinator, Katherine Eo and Ms. Enid program coordinato with Moulavi Mubarak Abdul  Majeed, Leader Sri Lanka Muslim Ulama  and Chief Editor,

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