International support to the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance

Sujeewa Samaraweera the Director and the chief executive officer of the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance says that many international organizations are willing to coordinate with SLIG. He emphasizes that this is more advantageous for the Local Government Institutions in Sri Lanka.He declared these ideas at a workshop held to make aware the provincial programme coordinating officers at Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute, Colombo 07.

Expressing further, the Director and the chief executive officer of the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance, Sujeewa Samaraweera said “..When coordinating with International Institutions, we gain the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences where we can develop our Local Government Institutions. Their experiences will help us to overcome our current issues in Local Government Institutions. We should plan the future training programmes according to the state policies when implementing training needs in Provincial Councils and Local Government Institutions. Training programmes should not be affected by private needs. It is the public money we use for these training programmes through our institute. So the training programmes should be done with a proper plan and using qualified resource persons. Also theoretical and practical training programmes should be planned. If not the training programmes might be useless..”


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